designer with a sub-cultural focus


deeply ingrained across subcultural human activity

Jourdan has been deeply rooted in the subcultures and main stream popular culture which informs his personal niche of creative design. Since his teenage years he explored graffiti spray art which surrounded the inner-city skateboarding scene of his home town in Perth, Western Australia. It was from those two art forms and sub-cultural experiences that he became familiar with the people’s aesthetic and subjects of attraction which has injected a healthy level of insight and creativity into his career in design and advertising.

Cultural Understandings and Experience
• Graffiti Spray Art Culture • Inner-city Skateboarding Cultures • Ethnic-minority Cultural Practises • Spiritou-ethic Religious Cultures & Practises
• Eastern Scholastic Culture and Knowledge Exchange • Cross-disciplinary Professional Understanding • Anglo-Australian Cultures


notable cultural & sub-cultural
pieces of work